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damn, another post from me. i still don't have much to say except ......i'm alive! lol there is sort of alot going on but i wouldn't even know where to begin to explain it so i won't even try until i know whats going on for sure. i've mostly just been working, as usual. i still read this all the time but i just don't really post, i'm suprised no one has taken me off their friends list yet lol i'm glad though :)

hmmmmmm.......i got a nintendo ds the other day. i love it, it's getting back to the slow time of year so i figured it would be something to do. so i feel like i'm all back in the day playing super mario 3, i used to love that game lol i still do though i guess. ohhh and i love justin timberlakes song "my love" i just have to say that because i saw the cd listening party today on aol so i figured i'd check it out. i don't really like the cd all that much from what i listened to but i loooooooooove that song!

damn i'm so awake and work closed early tonight but i'm still used to being up til 5 and i took a nap earlier so now i can't sleep. i'm going to try though.....maybe i can do that and try to get up earlyy for once! lol anyways, yep.....theres something from me. i'll try to do this more often! i bet you can hardly wait.
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